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Latin American Wedding Custom: Las Arras

5th January 2015

There are many customs and traditions you can include in your wedding ceremony, which can be really beautiful. The one we are sharing today may at first seem a little old fashioned in its principles, but we are fans of tradition here at The Bride’s Tree, it’s romantic and, in this case, a little bit chivalrous.  This tradition is a little fuzzy, but it’s one we like. During a religious wedding ceremony, the groom will present a pouch or ornate box with 13 coins inside. The priest or other religious ordained officiant will bless the coins before then allowing the…

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Styled Shoot: Egyptian Bridal Inspiration

15th December 2014

Well this is more than a little exciting. We have never seen anything like this inspirational styled bridal shoot, it is so very unique. A bunch of uber talented Sunshine Coast wedding professionals got together to create an Egyptian-inspired bridal shoot!  From the dress to the accessories and makeup by the talented Tasleema Nigh, it’s a glamourous Cleopatra-esque look we are loving like crazy. The bouquet by Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio screams opulence, as you would expect of an Egyptian goddess, with an oversized statement bloom and peacock feathers. Please feel free to drool over these images by Bonnie Jenkins, as we…

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Traditional Greek Wedding in Noosa

1st June 2014

They were just two ex-pats living it up in London – she had been there six weeks, while he was a local inhabitant of six years – when a mutual Australian friend came to visit. Over a restaurant dinner, sparks flew, and the rest is history! Four short years later, they were walking down the aisle at the oh-so-lovely Hidden Grove, Noosa.  //// Anita’s Greek heritage was prevalent in their ceremony, with plenty of tradition, just going to show that you can have the best of both worlds. A Greek Orthodox, or really any, religious beach wedding is not against…

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Why the Fourth Finger is Traditionally the Ring Finger

19th November 2013

Your Celebrant Shona works with many couples from different cultures. One of her beautiful Chinese couples gave this beautiful explanation of why the fourth finger is traditionally the wedding ring finger. We have never heard this explanation before, and we were positively blown away by this practical demonstration! Firstly, hold your open palms face-to-face, and bend your middle fingers down  and hold together back-to-back. Next, open and hold the remaining fingers and thumb tip to tip as shown.  Now, try to separate the thumbs – these represent The Parents and you will notice they separate easily, because your parents are…

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Marriage Customs by Margarita

11th November 2013

Today we have a guest blog from one lovely lady, who happens to be a fabulous Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, Margarita Priori-Smith sheds some light on various wedding customs we have come to know and adapt in our culture in Australia, and around the world. Marriage customs can be viewed from different perspectives.  They can either be traditional rituals such as giving the bride away, or they can be rites and customs from around the world. Like any custom and ritual, they evolve over time and can be adapted to suit individual situations. Here is a glimpse at 3 marriage customs that most couples…

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International Wedding Traditions

26th August 2013

Here at The Bride’s Tree, we embrace all of the many and varying wedding traditions and customs of the world. One of the reasons is we are named after a wedding tradition! We are often asked where our name came frome, and the truth is The Bride’s Tree is a German wedding tradition that is about bringing all of the elements together to make for a beautiful long married life. We love that, and we are also quite fond of these other wedding traditions from around the world, as shared by SimplyBridal. There may just be a little something in…

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Something Borrowed

2nd June 2013

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – four little items or adornments you can have with you on your wedding day are said to bring you good fortune for your married life. It’s a sweet tradition many brides incorporate into their wedding day.  Last week, we covered your Something Old. Now Simply Bridal are bringing us a few out-of-the-box ways to find your Something Borrowed.  Thumbnail image by Alan Hughes Photography

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Tradition: Unity Candle

4th March 2012

If you are looking for ways to make your wedding ceremony special, you may like to include a tradition or custom like this very popular one. The Unity candle is a large (usually white) candle, which is often wrapped in paper etched with the names of the bridal couple and the date of their wedding. The tradition is practiced in many western countries – Australia certainly being one of them. It typically goes down like this: a member from each side of the family (usually a parent, sibling or close relative) lights a taper candle at the beginning of the…

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