How to Know You’ve Found The One

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So you’ve found the man and now it’s time to embark on that exciting journey that is shopping for your wedding dress! Today your choices are endless and often completely daunting. Here are a few cues from White Lily Couture Style Director, Alera Kingham to help you know when you’ve found ‘the one’.

Can I sleep in it?

Whether you’ve tried three, thirty of three hundred gowns when you find your dress the chances are you won’t want to take it off! It’s a great sign that you have found ‘the one’ when you feel the most beautiful, elegant, glamorous and flattered version of yourself. If you’d rather do the washing up and take out the garbage than have to take your dress off, it’s a done deal.

Cheers for Tears

You would be surprised that even the least emotional brides can tear up when they finally see themselves in their wedding gown. It’s that defining moment in time when the dress changes from being just a beautiful item of clothing to the proof staring you in the face – you are actually getting married! So consider a little cry a good thing and enjoy that moment that comes only from finding ‘the one’.

The One vs The Others

One sign that we see all the time is brides comparing every other gown they try to ‘the one’. Once you find it, nothing else compares no matter how many more dresses you try. This is particularly common for brides who find their gown very early in their search. So many of us today think it will take weeks or even months to find our wedding gown but if you’ve been trying on gown after gown and they don’t feel the same as the one at your first appointment it’s time to commit. 

Picture Perfect

There’s nothing like picturing yourself walking down the aisle. Until you find the dress of your dreams this is often more fantasy than reality. But when you look in the mirror and the person starring back at you is about to say their I-do’s it’s time to just say yes!

The X Factor

Often brides visit us with a list of ‘must haves’ for their ultimate gown. Cap sleeves, low back, Chantilly lace, minimal beading etc etc but often the dress that they get married in doesn’t qualify all the criteria. When it’s ‘the one’ all logic and checklists don’t mean that much anymore and the way it makes you feel becomes the deciding factor that helps you say yes to the dress!

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