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When I first met Adam Johnson, I immediately knew this man is someone pretty special. Instantly warm and friendly, he’s the kind of guy you smile around, because you just can’t help it. 
I asked Adam to answer some questions for this here A-list Vendor profile, knowing I wanted you all to meet him, too. However, I was unprepared for what I was about to learn. 
From Adam’s favourite way to spend his day – starting with letting the chooks out at 5am and ending with wine time with his wife, who he routinely refers to as “Beautiful Liz” (awww!) to his experience in the Australian wine industry hosting events and VIPs, this guy is even more impressive than I realised! Yet – and this is key – so very down-to-earth and humble. 
If this isn’t enough to hook you, wait till you read about his Code of Ethics that went viral, which I’m about to hit print on and post to my son’s wall. 
It’s time to meet Adam Johnson, celebrant and business owner from Marry Me Adam

Hey Adam! Is your business a one-man-show or a team?

As a Celebrant, I’m a one-man-show to a large degree; or the perception is anyway… It’s myself and the couple discussing the possibilities, discovering new ideas and uncovering their own potential and unique characteristics, which is what I want to shine! But in the bigger picture, it is a team effort; and the team constantly changes.
These days my team is global; and it consists of the couples friends and family, where ever they are around the world. We come together on the day to celebrate the wedding. But beforehand, they are given some very specific details that needs to be executed seamlessly, as they are broadcasted live from multiple platforms to become part of the day.
The outcome is an elevated rush of raw emotion as people come to understand that wherever they believe they might be at the time; they are with us. They are part of the team.

What makes how you do the job so unique?

It would be the mixture of ‘ole school traditions and thinking ahead, whilst embracing the modern technology and utilising it to throughly enhance the Ceremony.
During Covid, whilst wedding numbers were significantly reduced, I designed a concept to allow loved ones to not only witness; but participate. This has since evolved into the use of a bank of 43” flatscreen televisions, running multiple devices, utilising FaceTime, Zoom and live streaming; to allow hundreds of friend and family to take part.
The gifts that are sent globally (well before the ceremony) play a large roll at the start of the ceremony. For they not only provide the visual connection to the couple, but also tap into some of the other senses; to set an overwhelmingly inclusive feeling.
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Prior to working in the wedding industry, what did you do and how did it prepare you for being a wedding celebrant?

I started in the wine industry when I was 15 at a Cellar Door in a little town called Mudgee in NSW. Back then, I was entertaining groups as they came to visit and the priority was to ensure they fell in love the place. I have been entrenched within this industry for 30+ years and have first hand information about all aspects of the Australian Wine Industry.
From there, I have travelled around the country to host and entertain all kinds of groups and people; including 160,000 people at Beef Australia, working along side of Chefs such as Curtis Stone, Iron Chef Japan entertaining Governor Generals, and even hosting for our own Prime Minister.
Over time, this builds an elevated level of self confidence, which I’d like to believe is teamed up with some form of professionalism to deliver amazing outcomes; even in the most challenging circumstances.

What do your happy clients always say after having worked with you?

The humbling bit…
The vast majority of those I marry become good friends. I watch their family’s grow, support them in times of need, celebrate their successes and even represent their families again when its time to say goodbye to a loved one.
But every year, year after year; on the 3rd of July, so many of them come to say “Happy Birthday Adam”! I like to think they say this, because I got it just so right for them; and they are still thankful. I think that’s pretty cool actually. Way cool!

Take me through your process of your on-the-day job.

I think a Celebrant and a Chef have very similar rolls, in that it’s all about the preparation. Prep, prep and more prep. The gifts have been sent, equipment at its best, you already know ‘who is who in the zoo’, plans and strategies are in place, Plan B and C have been considered, legals complete, Zoom instructions clear, clothing matched to the backdrop (so I blend in; rather than stand out) and contact made with key people. Then it’s show time!
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You have a completely free day to hang out on the Sunshine Coast. Get out about! Where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?

Generally speaking, this is Sunday, and it starts once I let the chooks out, around 5:00am, then it’s off to the markets to pick up ingredients for breakfast with the family.
Following that, it’s time for Sir Reginald Wrinklebottom (the rescue pooch) to head down to the beach for a swim, before heading off for family lunch at anyone of the Coasts eateries. It’s great family time, without devices and just kicking back; enjoying each other’s company.
The afternoon is spent in the vege patch; cleaning, picking and chasing the chooks out and then my wife, Beautiful Liz, and I sit on the back deck with a glass of wine and watch the sunset. That’s what I care for.

Share something that’s interesting about you, or something a lot of people don’t realise.

To a large extent; I brought myself up. I buried my Father when I was 13 and then my Mother 5 years later. I inherited a farm that I didn’t want nor care for and had to make some pretty big decisions early on.
I didn’t know where I was going to live or what I was going to do. But I wanted better for my girlfriend at the time and our 1 year old daughter. So, I jumped into the car and drove until I exhausted my fuel funds. I ended up in a place called Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Queensland.
From there I ‘juggled’ a job, sent for my family and now 25 years later Grace (now 24), Jack (19), Oscar (11) and Beautiful Liz (my girlfriend at the time; age not disclosed) feel incredibly blessed.
Somewhat afraid that something similar may happen to my kids one day, I created a document referred to as ‘The Johnson Boys Code of Conduct’ which is a set of standards for them to be guided by; that ended up going around the world.
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What’s happening in Sunshine Coast weddings in 2021?

Those considering a Wedding at any number of the Sunshine Coasts iconic venues will feel incredibly blessed. As throughout Covid, these venues took the time to freshen up, renovate and allow these beloved buildings to absolutely shine!
There is fresh paint, new areas and menus designed, and it’s like they are all new again; but have still managed to retained the soul that makes them feel so warm and special.
In regards to predicted trends, it the use of technology to connect the world. And I predict that this will become the new norm. So set yourself in for a day of theatrical brilliance and magic that we never previously comprehended. And that’s kinda cool too I think.
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Want to Meet Adam?

I mean, who wouldn’t after reading about this amazing person?! Get in touch today to see if he’s available for your wedding date and discuss all your ceremony ideas.
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