Must Love Dogs

This is the true story of Kelly and Matt. 

Kelly and Matt worked in the same building. They would see each other around the office from time to time, and Kelly always thought Matt seemed like a nice guy. Very gradually, they would bump into each other more frequently.

Their conversations started becoming of a more personal nature, and Kelly told Matt where she liked to walk her dog on a Saturday afternoon. This was his in. Matt took the opportunity, and said he also walked his dog at the same beach… (his non-existent dog, that is)… And maybe they would bump into each other there sometime. 

However, there was the issue of the dog… As luck would have it, Matt managed to borrow a dog from a friend! Just like in a movie or something! So Matt and Kelly did "bump into each other" at the beach with the dogs, and a beautiful thing happened. They fell in love. 

While Matt eventually had to give back his mate's dog and come clean about the fact that he was simply so smitten with Kelly he had found a loaner in order to spend time with her, luckily for him, Kelly found this to be a positively sweet pursual. 

The pair were married in a Kings Beach wedding ceremony last year, and live together with their cute dog, Chips, happily ever after. 

These photos were taken at their Caloundra wedding by Tim McIvor Photography


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