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Watermelon Red Gift Registry

10th July 2013

If you, like so many couples today, have been living together for some time and feel very well-established in your home, the idea of another toaster or dinner set for wedding presents might just have you planning another event after the wedding – a garage sale!

I’m sure none of your guests and relatives would like to see their gift to you go out in this way, and would much prefer to gift you an item you will cherish. Or perhaps even make a contribution to a larger item that will become a centrepiece in your home, such as a designer couch or custom-made rug. Even if you’re about to set up house for the first time together, why not start off on the right foot, with items you both truly love that will create a style in your home that is both welcoming and reflective of your personal style.

Coolum and online interiors boutique, Watermelon Red, offer a gift registry for engaged couples that can be utilised for both engagement and wedding. If you are local to the Sunshine Coast, you can arrange an appointment time with one of their interiors experts to help put together a range of options for your guests to choose from. They provide you with emailed weekly reports, and give you a full list of who purchased what to make Thank You card-writing a breeze. 

In the interest of buying local, we have scoured¬†Watermelon Red, which also has an online store, for some seriously special items any bride and groom would be thrilled to receive. Another alternative is to have your guests contribute to the hire of a Watermelon Red interior designer for an upcoming renovation. So many possibilities….¬†