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Nicole loves Matthew | Real Wedding in Maleny

30th November 2020

The bride looks like she just stepped out of a storybook, and the Maleny setting is certainly one to tell tales about.

NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-459Putting all their faith and trust in their wedding planner from Maleny wedding venue, Weddings at Tiffany’s, made wedding planning a breeze.

When asked if they faced any challenges during the wedding planning process, bride Nicole insists there wasn’t. She credits her wedding planner with making planning her wedding in Maleny such a success by taking care of everything, and recommending amazing suppliers. 

Nicole shares her stunning wedding and story of the day she married her best friend, Matthew, with us today. The lovers were married in the chapel on site with the breathtaking Glass House Mountains as a backdrop. 

Read on to find out all the details of their special day. 



Photographer: Tom Hall Photography

Ceremony + reception venue + catering: Weddings at Tiffany’s

Florist: Tiffany’s Flowers

Cake, stationery, styling: Weddings at Tiffany’s

Transport: Deluxe Kombi Service + Topp Adventures

Videographer: MyFilm

Hair: Hair 4 Brides

Makeup: Makeup 4 Brides

Entertainment: The FamosNick Britt Magician

MC: Nick Britt Magician

Celebrant: Coastline Celebrant

Wedding night accommodation: Magical Malindi 

NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-63 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-67 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-77 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-80 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-121 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-139 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-159NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-206NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-210 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-216 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-244NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-1 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-3 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-18 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-34NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-250NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-280NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-296NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-299

The Location

We choice to get married on the sunshine coast because we fell in love with how beautiful weddings at Tiffany’s is and couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. We really wanted to get married in a venue that caterers for absolutely everything.

Sunshine Coast wedding venue guide

NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-314 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-333 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-341 45NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-415 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-424 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-442 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-459 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-475 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-492 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-502 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-505 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-518 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-529 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-533

The Proposal

Matthew took me away for a weekend to the snow in Jindabyne NSW with all our friends. Matthew took me up to the highest point of the slopes and asked me to get off the chair lift and meet him at the side. When I got there he was down on one knee. NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-541 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-544 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-557

Wedding Secrets

Biggest splurge: Videographer

Bride’s dress + veil: Cizzy Bridal Australia

Groom’s attire: Reuban F. Scarf

Groom’s shoes: Myer

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Cizzy Bridal Australia

Bridesmaids’ shoes: Wittner

Lingerie: Honey Birdette

Flowergirl dress: Vintage dress that the bride wore 15 years ago!

Honeymoon: Vanuatu

Wedding budget: $40,000

Actual cost of wedding: $35,000 to $40,000

NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-258NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-605 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-608 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-6133NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-263NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-631 NicoleandMatWeddingCollection91119-692





Sunshine Coast wedding venue guide

  • Robert

    Super stylish. Love all the little details, its a storybook shoot. We had such a hard time finding the right accessories. Not a plug but eventually we got our groomsmen sorted out at http://www.jaykirby.com.au. Don’t get me started on the bridesmaids because that is another story altogether!