Seaplane Proposal

We heard about the sweetest ever Valentine’s Day proposal over the weekend. Here is the story from the bride herself, Kandis Laughton, who is now engaged to her 10-year-long sweetheart, Brae. The pair live in Mooloolaba with their 2-year-old son. 

“14 has always been a significant number to me, I don’t know why, I just love it!

The night before Valentine’s Day, Brae informs me he has to start work at 5.30am (usual start is 8am.) My son and I woke to a phone call from Brae’s mum, she says “I dont know how you feel about this, but I was meant to go up in the seaplane (belonging to friends) this morning but now have an appointment, would you like to take my spot.” I replied with “I would love to!”

Brae’s parents picked myself and my son up, took us to Caloundra airport. The seaplane is very small and only fits three people max. It was myself, the pilot and his wife. We where heading to DI, we got to The Point and started turning to go around to the Rainbow Beach side to land in the bay. As we turned, there was a massive sign on the sand dune saying “Kandis Marry Me” I started to giggle. Then I noticed Brae out to sea on a private sand bar… waiting.

We landed in the water, I jumped out and went to Brae, he dropped on one knee and said “Kandis, will you marry me, finally?” I said yes with all my heart. His sister captured this beautiful moment on camera!! It followed by champagne, cheese, crackers, and homemade avocado dip, on a beautilful blanket and cushions from home. He even managed to bring a bench seat, for photos.”

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