8 Ways to Pull Off Pink Wedding Flowers

Pink flowers _ Mondo Floral Designs _ The Bride's Tree

Something that astounds and delights me to no end is the versatility of flowers. Take the peony, for example. Okay, I understand that not every peony is created equal, but for the most part a peony is a peony. They may come in different colours in all their fluffy delicate glory, but when push comes to shove, they are but a flower by the same very name. 

What a florist can do with a peony is a whole other story. A peony can be wild, she can be prim and proper, she can make a cheeky cameo, or steal the whole show.

The same can be said of colours in flowers. Now you may think, “Pink flowers? Pink flowers are pink flowers.” Oh no, mon cherie, you must expand your thinking! Pink flowers are a staple in the wedding bouquet realm, to be sure, but “pink” can be represented in so many wonderful various ways in your wedding floral arrangements. 

Today these nine ways to infuse pink into your palette of posies are just a drop in the ocean of floral creativity, and all the colour can do for your Sunshine Coast wedding. 

1. Make it pop in a colourful palette (pictured above).

Bouquet by Mondo Floral Designs. Image by Karen Buckle Photography

pink wedding flowers _ Woods & Bloom _ The Bride's Tree2. Scatter succulents throughout 

Bouquet by Woods & Bloom

pink wedding flowers _ Gingler Lily & Rose _ The Bride's Tree3. Make it intricate with mini blooms. 

Bouquet by Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio

pink wedding flowers _ Magnolia Grove _ The Bride's Tree4. Feature a statement flower, like a King Protea. 

Bouquet by Magnolia Grove


pink wedding flowers _ weddings at tiffany's_ The Bride's Tree 5. Keep it tight with a structured posy of peonies. 

Bouquet by Tiffany’s Flowers.

Pink wedding flowers _ Willow Bud _ The Bride's Tree6. Make it a dream of cascading carefree blooms. 

Bouquet by Willow Bud | Image by Lover of Mine

Pink wedding flowers_Poppy Lane Flowers by Design _ The Bride's Tree7. Soften it down with Dusty Miller and muted latte. 

Bouquet by Poppy Lane Flowers by Design

pink wedding flowers _ Heavenly Blooms _ The Bride's Tree8. Bold and bright with plenty of luscious foliage. 

Bouquet by Heavenly Blooms | Image by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

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