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How to Choose Your Wedding Ceremony Music

26th June 2012

Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music For Your Sunshine Coast Wedding Guest blog post by Fiona Roberts, awesome wedding celebrant of Celebrate with Fiona Personalising your music selections is one of the ways you can make your ceremony your own. Music is one of the most important components of your ceremony because it sets the mood for your special day. If playing a version of “Here Comes the Bride” isn’t your style, choosing something more contemporary or personal is perfectly appropriate. Choosing your selections In general, a wedding ceremony has five main pieces to choose selections for: Prelude: Played for 15 minutes…

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Expressing your relationship through colour

22nd May 2012

WIN more It's My Wedding passes today (see bottom of this post), but first, a special treat…    Guest Blog by  Sunshine Coast celebrant, Fiona Roberts of Celebrate with Fiona   You may wonder why a Celebrant would be talking about colour – but it is important that they be made aware of your chosen colour scheme, so that they may respect your choice and blend with your bridal party. Imagine if you had chosen a red and white theme and your Celebrant turned up wearing bright green!   I’ve seen some truly wonderful colour combinations lately, including an amazing…

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