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Photo of the Week

30th October 2012

During the week, this photograph absolutely went viral. Within minutes of being put up on Facebook, it had over 1000 Likes! It is plain to see why – it's awesome! If you have ever tried to take a photo of fireworks, a fire show, or sparklers like these, you will know it's really a job for the seasoned professionals, like Emma Nayler Photographer, who captured this little beauty.  Photo of the Week? Perhaps even photo of the year!   

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My Wedding DJ App

25th September 2012

If you have a mate lined up to press play, pause, next for your wedding ceremony songs, you might like to come up with as fool proof a process as you can. The last thing you want at a crucial moment is to have the song cut out, the next song to start too soon, or worse… What if he accidentally skips to the party songs meant for later on in the night, and where "The Only Exception" should be for evoking emotion, you get "Baby Got Back." Not quite so tear-jerking, of course. I've got news for you, my…

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The Bride’s Tree Styled Portraits

30th August 2012

Today we are sharing with you the lovely pics we were recently fortunate enough to have taken with Emma Nayler Photographer. It was some of the most fun we've managed to have on a Sunday afternoon! It barely even felt like a photo shoot, because we were just having a blast hanging out with not only the lovely Emma, but also the delightful Hayley from Wholehearted Studio Photography + Styling, who did an amazing job of styling the shoot. Hayley really understood exactly what the heart of The Bride's Tree is all about. It's pretty, it's vintage-inspired, it's joyful, feminine goodness….

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Wedding Day Do-Over

8th July 2012

When rain poured on Katie and Tim's Sunshine Coast wedding day, they still had confident, beautiful smiles on their faces. They knew it was no big deal to them at all. Their wet weather plan came into play, but of course they missed out on all of the lovely outdoor wedding party photos they had planned. However, they still were not concerned in the least. Why? Because they had a backup plan for those, too. Their amazing Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Emma Nayler Photographer, made them a promise – as she does with all her brides – that if weather…

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Spring Races Wedding Styling

2nd July 2012

When thinking of a theme for your wedding, it doesn't all have to be about the colours and the bombonieres, and how you will decorate the joint up. You can also have your guests get involved and bring a bit of the styling on their person. No, I'm not suggesting you do an all-white party wedding, Jay-Z or P.Diddy-style (or whoever it is, who hosts these ludacris events.) Personally, I think limiting your entire guest list to wearing but one colour is a bit over-the-top and potentially stressful for them. You could, however, ask them to get into the spirit of…

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Classic Car = Wedding Day Magic

28th March 2012

Having a classic car for your wedding car will add a little magic to your special day. Getting about in a Rolls Royce, Bentley, heck, even a FB Holden, will be an experience you will never forget. Or what about, say… A London taxi with a whole lot of history! Whether you are having a vintage-themed wedding or not, a chauffer-driven classic car for your Sunshine Coast wedding is not only a stylish choice, but I guarantee you, it's a magical one. Take a look at these beauties.  All photos by Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers. Photo by Penny Riddoch  …

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