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Simple Elegance in the Hinterland

11th June 2014

Shelly and Elmsly are a gorgeous young couple, who were recently married at one of the Sunshine Coast hinterland’s premium wedding venues, Flaxton Gardens. They kicked off their wedding planning simply by ensuring their dream wedding photographer, Emma Nayler Photographer, was available, and say everything fell into place from there. Easy-going and carefree, this cute couple’s only theme concept was simple and elegant. They absolutely acheived this by cleverly choosing some of the hands-down best in the business wedding industry professionals to put together a perfect Sunshine Coast hinterland wedding. Shelly called on the ultimate professionals in floral design, Mondo Floral Designs, so…

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Shell Pink Wedding Inspiration

28th January 2014

Soft pink is a popular colour for wedding day styling. And the great thing about this colour is it is so very versatile. Usually when you think pink, you might conjure up images of so much sweetness you end up with a toothache. Well we can assure you, including soft or shell pink in your wedding theme can be just sweet and girly enough, without having that overwhelmingly pink feel.  //// See with this subtle colour, it’s great to team it with neutral or basic colours that blend, rather than contrast. For example, ivory rather than stark white will go…

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Weekly Round Up

13th September 2013

It has been an insanely beautiful week weather-wise on the Sunshine Coast, and while we can't share the joy of our sunny days of not-too-hot perfection, we can share with you the beauty we have had on the blog this week. A great consolation! Just in case you missed it… A wedding at the Caloundra Air Museum was the best way we could think of to start our week. It's getting warmer by the day, so we shared how to stay cool at your Summer wedding. Lust-worthy 1940's and 1950's bridal inspiration was oogled over. We showed you a whole…

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Real Wedding: Kayla and Jesse in Kenilworth

31st July 2013

Today’s cutie pahtootie couple are one you may already be familiar with if you happened to see the sweet Jasper and Ruby highlights film we published not long ago. Now we have for you more of their cute details and heartening words from the beautiful bride.  Kayla and Jesse’s incredible wedding was held at Kenilworth Homestead, a gorgeous rustic country setting, where there is room enough for all guests to be accommodated on site, making for a super relaxed affair. Take a stroll through these absolutely gorgeous images by Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Emma Nayler Photographer. Emma has captured every moment…

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Photo of the Week

17th May 2013

Oh. My. Goodness. Is this not one of the sweetest photos you have ever seen in all your time?! I just adore this little girl with her look of concentration, helping out her Grandma with her necklace! She’s the cutest little mite! And you can see her efforts are really appreciated by her proud Gran, too.  This beautiful photo of the week was captured by one of our firm favourites, Emma Nayler Photographer. Now just last week, Emma launched a beautiful new website. If you have not yet seen it, make sure you head on over for a peek at…

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Photo of the Week

29th March 2013

Gorgeous local Sunshine Coast couple, Chloe and Troy, said their I Do’s in a beautiful Point Cartwright wedding on a stunning day, so typical of this area. We love this spot for weddings, as there are so many pristine spots for your ceremony and bridal party photos.  Perfect lighting and the pretty blue sky are the stars of this shot, alongside the beautiful couple of course, and we absolutely adore her fun and colourful bouquet as well! Just too many reasons why this is today’s Photo of the Week, and none more than the fact that it has come from…

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What is Romance? – Happy Valentines Day!

13th February 2013

When thinking about Valentine's Day, one immediately thinks of being in love. However, it's really not a day about love. Stay with me… See, in my humble opinion, every day should be completely infused with love. You should bask in love every single days in big ways and small. Valentine's Day is really about romance. The gestures, the recognition that you are looking directly at the one person that you adore above all others, and will go that extra mile for. Sure, it might be an overly commercialised consumer-driven non-holiday, but it's a bit of fun and it's an opportunity…

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Merry Christmas from The Bride’s Tree!

25th December 2012

The Bride's Tree team would like to wish every Sunshine Coast bride, and every Sunshine Coast wedding professional a most wonderful Christmas. Wherever you are in the world, we hope you are enjoying a season of cheer and blessings with your family and friends.  For now, we are taking a well-earned break from our daily blogging for the next week, returning on January 2nd 2013 with plenty of new wedding inspiration to be enjoyed. We will also have another exciting edition of The Bride's Tree free online wedding magazine coming out in January, for which we have already been excitedly…

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Savings Tips From a Savvy Sunshine Coast Bride

5th December 2012

Budget is at the forefront of every bride's mind from the very beginning. You get that ring on your finger and dollar signs start buzzing around in your head, as you wonder where you will find the best deals, who can help you achieve your amazing day without breaking the bank, and just how your budget will stretch to make your dream Sunshine Coast wedding a reality. We asked one saavy budget-conscious bride how she managed to (mostly) stick to her budget for her Noosa River wedding. Here is Sarah's story in her own words.  My Wedding Day Our wedding…

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Wedding Savings Timeline

13th November 2012

Whether you are planning your wedding in 3, 6, or 12-odd months, you will need to set yourself a budget and stick to it. That also means, unless you are being given money from your parents for the wedding or you already have savings set aside for this purpose, you will need to start saving toot de suite! You won’t have to pay for everything straight up, so you have some time to get your finances in order. There are a few rules you will have to set yourself from the get-go. When you know the final amount, stick to…

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