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Fun and Fancy Flower Girl Dresses

11th January 2015

There is a special kind of joy in seeing pretty little flowergirls at a wedding. Mostly because you can see the unbridled joy in their faces at being part of the occasion, being pampered and all dressed up in their finest attire. They look up at the bride and know they have never seen anyone more beautiful, and hope one day they will look as beautiful on their own wedding day.  Then they look down and see their own fun and fancy frock, and can’t believe they actually own something so beautiful. They can’t believe they can actually feel this…

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DIY Just Married Garland

6th November 2014

  There is one part of your wedding that does not need to be fancy-pants. No matter whether you’re having a farm picnic wedding with cowgirl boots and hay bales and a pig on the spit, or a formal sit down dinner in a fine dining restaurant, your Just Married sign is destined for simplicity. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and make it super cute! We love this DIY that brings a bit of old school charm and a time honoured tradition back to life. Everybody loves a Just Married garland with stringed cans hanging…

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DIY: Surprise Love Note

2nd September 2014

On your Sunshine Coast wedding day morning, wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise your beloved with a love note? Of course, a beautifully hand-written letter or poem would be beautiful. However, if all your best material is tied up in your personalised vows, or you just want to make a bit more of a statement, why not keep it short and simple… and big?  Street art, or driveway art, even wall art can be achieved quite simply, inexpensively and perfectly temporarily and most importantly – legally. For the images you see below are not featuring spray paint, but spray chalk!…

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Making the Dream Dress Come True

24th August 2014

Brides, we know you all want the perfect dress for your Sunshine Coast wedding day. It’s the one thing you dream about as a little girl, and you want so much to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world on your one special day. Your husband-to-be simply must have his breath taken away by the mere sight of you. Am I right?  That was rhetorical, don’t answer that. I know I am.  One of your options when choosing a wedding dress is to actually have it made from scratch by one of those super dooper clever people, who…

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Venue Review: Rickys River Bar + Restaurant

16th July 2014

Dining on delicious fine food and wine in a gorgeous, comfortable setting on the Noosa River waterfront… Who doesn’t want that kind of Sunshine Coast wedding!  //// Rickys River Bar + Restaurant is the ultimate Noosa dining experience, and a picturesque, elegant setting for your Noosa wedding. It’s the perfect Noosa wedding venue for small weddings, right up to 130 people for a sit-down dinner.  A la carte menus are seasonal using both local and imported premium ingredients sourced for their taste and uniqueness. There are three and four course menu options to be enjoyed before the mesmerising backdrop of the…

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Online Save the Date

2nd July 2014

So you’re getting married. You’ve set the date, and you want to make sure all of your family and friends from all over town, the state, the country, the world are going to be there! You’d best get a Save the Date out toot de suite.  Here is one fast and funky way to do so – online! You have your own Save the Date website created, so all you need to do is send your lovely family and friends a link! Then later down the track when you have locked in a few more details, you can comprehensively keep…

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Traditional Greek Wedding in Noosa

1st June 2014

They were just two ex-pats living it up in London – she had been there six weeks, while he was a local inhabitant of six years – when a mutual Australian friend came to visit. Over a restaurant dinner, sparks flew, and the rest is history! Four short years later, they were walking down the aisle at the oh-so-lovely Hidden Grove, Noosa.  //// Anita’s Greek heritage was prevalent in their ceremony, with plenty of tradition, just going to show that you can have the best of both worlds. A Greek Orthodox, or really any, religious beach wedding is not against…

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Ceremony Order of Service

14th May 2014

Today we have a guest blog post from Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, Natalie Banner – From This Moment Ceremonies, who has done us the very kind favour of explaining exactly what a typical wedding ceremony involves. With a lot of flexibility in her own ceremonies, today Natalie gives us the basics as a starting point for what to expect when you embark on planning your own once-in-a-lifetime moment.  When I look to meet a couple for the very first time, and begin the journey of planning their personalised wedding ceremony, the first question most couples tend to ask about, leads into the…

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Wedding Tip: Backup Bouquet

14th April 2014

Your wedding bouquet is going to arrive from your Sunshine Coast florist on your wedding day morning, and you will fall in love with it. So exquisite in its prettiness and perfection. It will be your perfect adornment and constant companion throughout your wedding day.  If you are leaving for your honeymoon immediately, tossing it to one of your dear friends may not be worrisome to you at all. However if you plan to enjoy your bridal bouquet for the days to come while it lasts, you should be prepared with a back up for the traditional bouquet toss. Here’s…

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Family Wedding at Flaxton Gardens

13th April 2014

Amanda and Trev were highschool sweethearts, who fell truly, madly, deeply and hopelessly in love over exchange of sweet childish love letters. Those same love letters are the ones Trev bundled together in a vintage jewellery box for Amanda to open on her wedding day morning. How she turned up to her wedding ceremony without puffy eyes, we will never know!  //// This beautiful couple had a long engagement of four years before they finally tied the knot at gorgeous Sunshine Coast hinterland wedding venue, Flaxton Gardens. It was a perfect day, with their ceremony overlooking the gorgeous hinterland, which…

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