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Kenilworth Homestead Wedding with Perfect Weather

13th March 2012

Gosh, we have had some interesting weather here on the Sunshine Coast this week! Cyclone warnings and sudden changes and all! Last Saturday’s brides must have been thrilled with their beautiful, fine day, though. I only hope this coming weekend’s brides are just as lucky. If your wedding is coming up this weekend, I have a nice story for you to lift your spirits. On Matt and Mandi’s wedding day, not only rain, but a cyclone was predicted. However, as you can see, it turned out to be an absolutely perfect day! A sweet ceremony was held at the “cute…

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Photo of the Week

9th March 2012

We just LOVE this photo by Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Penny Riddoch! We can only imagine what was said to cause this reaction from Nana! It's such a perfect moment to capture on camera, and I'm sure one of the favourites for this lucky couple, Alan and Helen, who held their small Maleny wedding ceremony and reception at The Reserve Restaurant.  Penny takes photos you dream of having on your wall and in your wedding photo album. Her passion for photographing weddings is simply put by the woman herself, "I love to photograph people who are in love." Still after…

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Earthy Garden Wedding on $10,000 Budget

26th February 2012

  Your first love may not end up being the man you marry. However, he may be responsible for you meeting the man you marry, as was the case with Tammy and Mark. Who would have known that quiet, well-mannered, mysterious fellow she met 11 years ago would end up being the love of her life? Tammy says she had a crush on tall, dark and handsome Mark from day one, but it was not until many years later that she found out the feeling was mutual. Their contrasting personalities work splendidly together with Tammy’s bright and bubbly ying complimenting…

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Photo of the Week

24th February 2012

Talent comes in spades for this Sunshine Coast wedding photographer. Tanya Chesterton Smith has been photographing weddings for over ten years, and looking at her beautiful photos it is evident she has not lost an ounce of enthusiasm for her job. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you will see the love for what she does in her eyes, and feel the genuine warmth and caring for the people whose day she is a part of.  All of Tanya's work is amazing, but I'm sharing this particular photo with you as photo of the week, because the…

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Children at Weddings

14th February 2012

Having children at your wedding, whether they are your own, relatives’ children or the offspring of your close friends, is very special indeed. Most children love to dress up and be part of a special occasion. Well really, to them, it’s a party, and who doesn’t love a party! Of course usually a wedding is an occasion for parents to kick up their heels as well, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the best of both worlds at your Sunshine Coast wedding. Children’s laughter and games and all dressed up in their gorgeous little flowergirl dresses and…

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