Children at Weddings

Having children at your wedding, whether they are your own, relatives’ children or the offspring of your close friends, is very special indeed. Most children love to dress up and be part of a special occasion. Well really, to them, it’s a party, and who doesn’t love a party!

Of course usually a wedding is an occasion for parents to kick up their heels as well, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the best of both worlds at your Sunshine Coast wedding. Children’s laughter and games and all dressed up in their gorgeous little flowergirl dresses and mini-man suits, while mums and dads enjoy themselves freely.


While a children’s table may seem like a brilliant idea, seating small children under five all together during the meal may lead to tears and tantrums. Firstly, many small children need supervision and coaxing during meal times. With all of the opportunity for sweets later on, the need for a proper meal first is vital.

Older children will certainly enjoy being all together at the one table. However, it’s a good idea not to provide the table with a supply of sweets, especially ones that can be thrown about!



Keeping the children entertained is key to a successful wedding reception with children involved. Here are a few ideas to make sure everyone has a pleasant evening.

  • Dancing (what else is the dance floor good for if not flowergirl twirling?)
  • Colouring and drawing
  • Croquet (at a garden party wedding)
  • Board games
  • Wii (if a separate room at your reception venue is available and equipped with a television)



Look into hiring experienced, police-checked, professional carers specifically for your wedding reception! You’re wondering why I didn’t lead off with this, right?

Some businesses provide professional supervision while mums and dads relax and enjoy the celebration. They can even bring along their own supply of materials for entertaining the little ones and create their own little party with a great atmosphere. 

Photos by Julian Beattie Photography

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