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BFF’s Guide to a Wedding Fair

25th October 2017

Your bestie wants to be the best wedding fair wingman around, we know. So here is her guide to getting the day sorted thanks to the Jo's from A Darling Affair.


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Weekly Round Up

22nd June 2013

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Gold Coast Wedding Fair, put together superbly by A Darling Affair duo, Carrie and Emily. I love the way these girls think. Firstly, their events are all about handmade, bespoke, vintage, out of the box. Every business involved in these fairs is basically one form of creative genius or another, so there is something not just pretty, but pretty amazing to look at every which way you turn.  Next, they pick the best venues! The Abbey was a super cool place to hold a fair, because the hall itself was spacious and…

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Handmade Wedding Fascinators

6th September 2012

Look at these fanciful lovelies! These bridal hair accessories and fascinators were created by designer, Heidi, of Shut the Front Door. Heidi is a talented interior designer and accessories designer, who loves bringing the old and new together in unique and memorable designs. Heidi’s handmade designs blur the boundary between past and present, drawing vintage styles gently into modern times. This weekend, you have the opportunities to get your hands on one of Heidi’s lovelies, or even commission a bespoke piece you have in mind. Come along to A Darling Affair at The Big Pineapple tomorrow to say hi-de-ho to Heidi…

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