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Photo of the Week

15th February 2013

There is nothing more beautiful than a happy bride and the man who adores her. This gorgeous couple said “I do” in a pretty Sunshine Coast beach wedding, which was captured by the always amazing Tanya of Chesterton Smith Photography. It’s not hard to see why Tanya is one of our all-time favourite Sunshine Coast wedding photographers, nor why this is our photo of the week! Happy Saturday, lovely Sunshine Coast brides!

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The Most Romantic Day… So Far – Happy Valentines Day!

14th February 2013

When we thought about today – Valentines Day – we thought about the ultimate romance. And who would be better qualified than to weight in on what it means to be romantic than the Sunshine Coast wedding professionals, who see more than their fair share of all things romance day in and day out. Today we decided to ask them flat out, no mucking around, a very pressing question about the topic…  What screams “romance” to you?  Jules from Julian Beattie Photography says…  “I’d say that romance is a lot like this image in certain ways. I consider romance to be the…

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What is Romance? – Happy Valentines Day!

13th February 2013

When thinking about Valentine's Day, one immediately thinks of being in love. However, it's really not a day about love. Stay with me… See, in my humble opinion, every day should be completely infused with love. You should bask in love every single days in big ways and small. Valentine's Day is really about romance. The gestures, the recognition that you are looking directly at the one person that you adore above all others, and will go that extra mile for. Sure, it might be an overly commercialised consumer-driven non-holiday, but it's a bit of fun and it's an opportunity…

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