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Wow Wedding Stationery

4th July 2012

Why wait until your Sunshine Coast wedding day to start wowing your guests? You can capture them from first glance when they get their mitts on your wow wedding stationery.

We really love anything paper at The Bride's Tree, and particularly love a beautifully designed wedding invitation on card or paper you just want to run your fingers over. You know when you get an invitation like that and you really just want to keep touching it, but you also don't want to, incase you wreck it? And then if someone else wants to touch it, all of a sudden it's time to get it up under a magnet and out of harm's way. "Oh, yeah… look, I think I'd better just put this up. Don't want to forget the date. Up it goes! There. Perfect. No – uh – forgetting that one." Surely not just me?

Then the wedding day arrives and your guests will see how much thoughtful effort you have put into the stationery at the wedding itself as well! Menus, placecards, bomboniere tags, order of events – the possibilities are endless! At least… if you have an amazing stationery designer, like Ink Wedding Invitations, who do beautiful work like these little lovelies right here.

Above images by Andrea Sproxton Photography

Above seven images by Calli B Photography