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Wedding Rings Love

8th November 2015

One of the everlasting parts of your big day is your wedding rings, and we have some amazing ones to share with you today.

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Engagement Rings, Celebrity-style

25th March 2015

Come brides, let us indulge in a little oggling at the mass amounts of money some people in the world – namely celebrities – spend on engagement rings! Woohoo!  Now my lovely little Sunshine Coast brides, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s certainly not expected that your man go into debilitating debt to get you the biggest rock in the shop. Just so you know, traditionally the man would save up and spend the equivalent of one month’s salary on your engagement ring. His salary – not Jay Z’s. The average amount spent on an engagement ring is $5,200 for us…

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Wedding Inspiration: Unique Ring Holders

14th May 2012

We love a good Etsy find here at The Bride's Tree, and you know what's even better than an Etsy find? 10 Etsy finds! Today we bring you cute-as-a-cushion ring holders, sweetly hand-crafted, of course. Can't you just picture your adorable ring bearer holding our a heart-adorned or personalised emroidered perfect little pillow with your wedding bands upon? Too sweet for words!  This inspiration board gives you some seriously unique ideas for your wedding ring holder for your Sunshine Coast wedding. It turns out, aside from cushions, you can also have your rings held in pretty little boxes, on ceramic…

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Custom Made, Ethical Wedding & Engagement Rings

1st April 2012

Your wedding and engagement rings are pieces of jewellery you will wear for the rest of your life. They symbolise your love for one another as a couple, and also the promise of partnership with your betrothed. Wouldn't it be nice to have custom-made rings you put your heart into designing? And wouldn't it be extra nice to look down at your hand and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the beautiful ring on your finger was made locally by ethically sourced diamonds, gems and precious metals?  Ethical Jewellery Australia hand-make custom-designed jewellery using only ethically produced materials….

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Angelique Bridal Jewellery

28th January 2012

If you are searching for some positively toothsome bridal accessories for your Sunshine Coast wedding, then look no further. The gorgeous Angelique Jewellery range is inspired by heirloom jewels, vintage finds and old world glamour – perfection for your wedding!  Angelique Jewellery blurs the line between costume and fine jewellery with its vintage detailing, such as filligree, enamel and hand-set stones. The bridal collection features amazing chandelier earrings and a pearl  bracelet cuff that we've pegged as our favourite and adds a touch of glamour to the romantic collection.  Angelique Jewellery is very affordable, and is available at Myer at…

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Colourful Engagement Rings

7th January 2012

If you're still on the search for your engagement ring, why not consider something a little different. While it is traditional for a groom-to-be to present his beloved with a ring featuring diamonds, many couples now choose the ring together. And nowadays, a diamond is not always the featured stone.  Even some of the most traditional people in the world stray from the norm in the case of engagement rings. Royals the world over are trading white diamonds for truly inspiring gem choices. Take Princess Diana's engagement ring, which now happily resides on the ring of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge….

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The Rings Photo

10th December 2011

On your wedding day, your photographer will ask you to direct them to your bridal accessories, and while you're busily being fussed over, they will take some photos of your gear, including your engagement ring or wedding bands. Of course you can have the stock standard ring amongst the bouquet pic, which is always nice, or you and your photographer can come up with something a little more creative. Have a look at these pics for inspiration, most taken by awesome Sunshine Coast wedding photographers.    Damien Woods Photography  Jessica Lorren via Style Me Pretty And my favourite, taken in…

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