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Blessing the Wedding Rings

31st August 2016

Guest blogger and Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, Kari, shares a beautiful personalised wedding ritual one of the couples she recently married created themselves - a very meaningful blessing of their wedding rings.


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To-do list before you even think about getting into your wedding dress

22nd July 2015

We have a spot of advice for you today, which has come from a woman very much in the know. Suzanne Riley is a savvy Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, who always looks the part, so be sure to heed her advice, lovely brides… So there is a list for everything!! But don’t we just love lists, we get everything done perfectly and we can tick things off! LOVE IT. Its not every day we wear a lush gown,  have a room full of ladies helping us get ready and are preened from head to toe, so here are some tips…

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Everything You Haven’t Thought of Yet for Your Wedding Ceremony

31st March 2015

Today’s guest blogger, Noosa celebrant, Patricia Quinn, has been around enough wedding ceremonies in her time to possess some absolute gems of advice for brides-to-be. When it comes to handy little hints that could save you worry at your wedding ceremony, Patricia has thought of everything for you.  Sun + Wind If outdoors, check ceremony venue at a similar time of day for angle of the sun. Look at alternative options in case the weather is windy. Veils If you’re wearing a veil over your face, then your escort can lift it back before shaking the groom’s hand and kissing…

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How to Write Your Wedding Vows

5th March 2015

Firstly, don’t think of this as a daunting task, but rather an extremely rare and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell your beloved why you love him/her, what makes them the most special person in the world to you, and share that with all of your family and friends without them rolling their eyes and telling you to get a room. Of course there are some technicalities to take into account. Firstly, you need to check with your wedding officiant to find out if there are any key words or phrases you must keep in your vows. Some officiants will have some…

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Spotlight on a Supplier: Suzanne Riley

7th October 2014

Meet Suzanne Riley, a vivacious Sunshine Coast celebrant you just gotta love. I put my spotlight on Suzanne and asked her all about her life, her loves and why hers is a dream job.  Suzanne, here on the Sunshine Coast, where is your happy place?  My happiest place is anywhere I am dancing! I love to latin dance and enjoy Salsa, Zouk Lambada, Tango and Bachata styles.  I dance every week and have an amazing group of friends and community through dancing. I also love time with my girls. I have two daughters, Isabel and Priscila, and also a Mexican exchange student,…

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Real Wedding: Jessica & Travis at The Lakehouse

1st September 2014

Local teacher, Jess, married her love, Travis, in a beautiful classic wedding at Sunshine Coast purpose-built wedding venue, The Lakehouse. Their wedding styling was inspired by the location and decor of the waterfront coastal venue, and Marine Engineer Travis’ affinity with all things nautical. Jess also included a hint of vintage in her fashion and with the inlusion of old family wedding photographs.  Images by Lou O’Brien captured their day in a gorgeous fashion.  “We gave our attendants their dresses and suits as well as nice bottles of champagne and scotch and the girls also had pretty robes for getting ready as…

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Married with Children

6th August 2014

Today we have a Guest Blogger, the lovely Kari, a Sunshine Coast Celebrant we simply adore!  Congratulations to Hayley and Wade with their darling children, Charlotte and Kobi, married in the delightful Tiffany’s Chapel in Maleny.  Charlotte gave me a priceless opportunity to catch the bridal wrap, as she stood wrapping herself in Mum’s stunning bridal gown, while Toni was organising the group picture.  Too delightful to miss! We seek ceremony when there is something profound happening.  We do things in ceremony that are symbols of a deeper meaning in our lives.  Some things are not easy to express every…

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