33 signs to help your guests navigate your wedding

4th February 2015

One thing I find super helpful at a wedding is signage. When you arrive at a wedding as a guest, you feel a bit like you surrendered your life and personal preferences into the hands of the people who planned the affair. You’re prepared to follow any which instruction that is given, so if it’s on a sign, knowing where to go and when is made a whole lot easier. Wedding signage can tell you where to sit, where to put things, what they are (food or drink), what’s happening next; or they can give you a feeling. Let’s take…

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Do I need a Wedding Planner?

8th December 2014

Where to Start Now, not everyone will want or need a wedding planner, but if you are short on time, overwhelmed by the whole planning process, or just want to make sure every nitty gritty detail is accountable to someone else, you will. Weddings have become increasingly more extravagant, and as the vast majority of us are juggling a gazillion balls in our lives already – work, fiancés, kids, gym, friends, wine time, waxes and watching Wonderland, so planning a wedding can become just another thing to do. We love it, but it takes up time in our day and…

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Real Wedding: Cassie & Paul in Diamond Valley

23rd November 2014

Cassie and Paul were living in Western Australia in the lead up to their Sunshine Coast wedding, so they enlisted the help of wedding planner, Emma McGee, from Wild Heart Weddings to plan their beautiful marquee wedding from top to bottom.  The couple had the benefit of the bride’s parents’ Diamond Valley property to utilise for their wedding day, with plenty of space to erect a marquee. I’m going to confess something. Until this wedding came into my hot little hands, I had never heard of Diamond Valley. A little investigating unturned that it is located out the back of Eudlo….

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Eco Friendly Wedding Inspiration

10th November 2014

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about here at The Bride’s Tree, it’s being eco-savvy and mindful of the environment and implementing sustainable practices. That’s why our magazine is completely online – no paper!  That way, only those who wish to have a paper copy need download and print it. Otherwise you just enjoy its pretty splendour online.  Get ready to be inspired by these great eco-friendly wedding ideas for your Sunshine Coast wedding! Details below the images.  1.  Custom made, fabric flower wedding bouquet with rhinestone and pearl brooches from Cultivar. 2. Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations made from recycled paper…

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Emma Oxenbridge shares her essential five for working at home

13th August 2014

Guest blogger Emma Oxenbridge writes for our new series for work-at-homers.  Hello!  I am Emma Oxenbridge and I am fully submerged in the wedding industry (both on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.)  I run my own wedding planning/coordinating business called Wild Heart Weddings and I am also one third of a gorgeous curated wedding fair known as A Darling Affair.  Between these two businesses I’d say I work anywhere between 20 and 40 hours per week.  I also have a husband and a social life so striking a good life balance is really important for me.  Five things I can’t…

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Real Wedding: Joy and James in a Marquee in Maleny

3rd June 2014

Before you look over these ahmayzing photos by Bonnie Jenkins from Joy and James’ wedding at Maleny Retreat, you simply must read the story of how James proposed in Joy’s own words…  //// “It was just like a fairytale and I will treasure the memory my whole life. James and I were on our way back to the UK for a friends wedding in Sept 2011. We decided to spend a couple of weeks driving through Northern Italy and France. James had asked if he could plan the last part of our holiday as a birthday surprise for me. To my delight James…

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10 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Wedding Planner

31st March 2014

Guest blog post by brilliant Sunshine Coast wedding planner from Wild Heart Weddings. Image by Aimee Catt Photography. 1. Industry Knowledge Think about this for a moment.  How many celebrants do you know? How many photographers do you know? How many wedding venues are you aware of? Are any of these venues BYO?  Is there a makeup artist on the coast who specialises in lash extensions or airbrushing?  I bet you can’t think of many answers to those questions… A Wedding Planner, however, knows hundreds It is their job to go to networking events, showcases, organise venue viewings, keep up-to-date with all…

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Top 5 Reasons to Marry in Winter

11th July 2013

  Today we have a guest blog from Sunshine Coast wedding planner, Emma McGee, director of Wild Heart Weddings Update: Wild Heart Weddings have now merged with Something For Catering. Winter is an AMAZING time on the Sunshine Coast!  There aren’t many places in the world where winter means a mild 20 degree day with clear sunny skies and a gentle breeze.  If you ask me, these are prefect conditions for a wedding.  Below are my top 5 reasons you should consider holding your wedding during the gorgeous winter months here on the Coast. 5. Weather As mentioned above, the…

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Your Red Letter Day

5th May 2013

Have you ever wondered what do you do next? OK, you have agreed to marry the man of your dreams and in your head you know how you would like your wedding to be but how do you go about finding the right Supplier that will fit your needs without exorbitant costs? Red Letter Studio just might be your answer to help you get your very own red letter day. After several years in the wedding industry as wedding planners, creating some of the most beautiful Sunshine Coast weddings, Directors Kay Ridge and Lissie Cunningham have sourced the most professional and talented…

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Surprise Backyard Wedding

30th April 2013

Something we have noticed cropping up more and more lately is the surprise backyard wedding. All the guests arrive, thinking they are turning up for a birthday party or engagement party, while it actually turns out to be the wedding itself! I even attended one such wedding myself just a couple of weeks ago in Coorory. It was really lovely and laid back, and just what this particular low key couple wanted.  Many brides and grooms are choosing to do it their own way, but make still it special and beautiful by getting a professional planner and stylist on board,…

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