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For Lovers on Valentine’s Day

29th January 2015

It is almost that very special day that comes about each year. That day that allows you and your sweetie to behave in as loved-up a manner as you see fit. The difference is, this year you're ENGAGED.  You know what that means, right? Loved-up times a thousand. It's time to revel in that sweet, sweet mutual adoration like nobody's business. Why not celebrate this special time in your life by recording your love story to have and to hold forever and ever?  A special collaboration between Paula Brennan Photographer, Wholehearted Studio and Sally Townsend Makeup Artistry allows you to…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

13th February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day one and all! We are really excited, because obviously there will be many more engaged couples planning their Sunshine Coast weddings after today… It's inevitable on the most romantic day of the year. We know many people don't see the special in this holiday of love, (for example, my Manfriend, who calls it a holiday about Paganism and fornicating! As though that's a bad thing…), but we lust it with all our hearts. What's not fun about telling the one you like/love/heart that they're special to you and giving and receiving cheesy gifts?  To celebrate our fave…

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