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Your Wedding Details Sorted

3rd July 2012

If there is any time in your life when you want to be organised, it's now. Right now, while you are planning one of the biggest events of your life. Perhaps the biggest event of your life! Your Sunshine Coast wedding day absolutely must be planned to a tee. It's time to get your act together. I'm sorry, but it's true. Tough love on The Bride's Tree today! Okay, so we are still the kind bloggers you have come to know and love, (you do love us, right? Right?), we have something to help you get organised fast. It's a…

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How To Choose Your Dressmaker

2nd May 2012

  Ooh! It’s time to choose your dressmaker, because you have a specific design in mind and you just can’t seem to find it on a rack! Or perhaps you simply need your beautiful dress you purchased in a boutique or online to be altered to perfection. But where to start? You don’t know any dressmakers or seamstresses and you wouldn’t know where to even start looking. Never fear, The Bride’s Tree is here! We have a number of these super talented people in our Supplier Directory, so look there first. QUESTIONS TO ASK If you don’t speak the dressmaker language,…

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Wedding Day Timetable

26th April 2012

On your wedding day, you are leaving an awful lot to chance. The chance of rain, humidity, and wind. The chance of tears. So making sure you have everything else firmly in place will help you to have a stress free wedding day. We have the perfect planning tool that will help your Sunshine Coast wedding day run smoothly from start to finish. Our Wedding Day Timetable planning tool when used correctly allows you to have a firm picture of exactly how your wedding day is going to play out and keep everything on track. You can use this timetable…

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Wedding Planning Checklist

10th April 2012

Have you ever planned a big event before? No? Well, this wedding planning caper might be starting to get to be a bit of a headache by now, and you may even find yourself wondering just what you need to do next. Am I right? Of course I am, I'm always right! I've always thought so, anyway… Listen, planning your Sunshine Coast wedding is supposed to be fun, and the best way to make sure it doesn't turn from a slightly irritating headache to a full-blown migraine is to be prepared and organised and have your finger on the pulse,…

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