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Volume 8 The Bride’s Tree Magazine Out Today!

30th January 2014


IT’S HE-EEERRRE! (She said rather loud in an Oprah-esque excited frenzy.) We have published our 8th – yes, you read that right – our 8th edition of The Bride’s Tree free online magazine. This beautiful piece of online literature is yours to view and download for free. 

I enjoyed putting together this edition an awful lot. We worked with some absolutely incredible people on two of the most amazing styled shoots I have ever had the pleasure of being part of. One such shoot took place at the Sunshine Coast’s newest purpose-built waterfront wedding venue, The Lakehouse. The decor in this place as it is makes me want to move in. If I did, the first thing I would do would be to lay down on the big cowhide rug in the welcome area, but not before I lit the fire and grabbed a nice Merlot. Okay, two things logistically for this to work – 1. I would have to move in at Winter time; 2. I might have to semi sit up and not lay down on the cow hide rug so as not to spill my wine.

The other shoot was originally a collaboration between Emma Nayler and I. We were chatting one day about how we would love to see a bridal shoot with alternative-looking brides with funky tattoos and piercings that was equal parts edgy to elegant. Instead of awaiting said shoot’s appearance, we created it! We brought in the help of the super sister team from Style Le Aisle, who completely understood our vision and got to work on coming up with an insanely gorgeous concept. The final result was so astonishingly striking, it made our front cover! 

We also have three gorgeous real weddings from Montville to Caloundra to Noosa, including a celebrity appearance in one! There’s another funky shoot with some alternative fashion and I interviewed Lynette Maguire about her fantastic My Wedding Wish project, which if you’re unfamiliar with, you will so enjoy learning about. Mostly because it will completely restore your faith in humanity. It’s truly touching. 

My friends, enjoy this edition. Please drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or perhaps even in the comments below to let us know what you think of our latest rag. We adore you, dear readers, and so this is our new year’s gift to you.