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8 Ways to Pull Off Pink Wedding Flowers

28th January 2016

As colour palettes go, you really cannot argue with the feminine quality of beautiful pink flowers. There are so many different arrangements and flowers you can use for your pink bouquet.

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9 Ways to Wear a Floral Wreath for your Wedding

20th January 2015

You know, I’m quite fond of the floral-wreath-sporting bride. It’s a pretty alternative to the more traditional hair adornments, such as a veil or other hair piece that’s just swell.  There is something romantic about the fact that it will live and die with your wedding day. There will never be another piece like it. It’s unique to you and your special day.  The other thing I love about the floral wreath is how versatile it is. For example, here are nine very different ways to wear a floral wreath. All of these delicate beauties were lovingly created by the…

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Boutonnieres Bloom

18th August 2014

Today we have a guest blog from Sunshine Coast florist, Terrianne Foale, who is the director of Mondo Floral Designs. In her 20 plus years of experience, Terrianne has seen many a trend in florals bloom in the wedding industry, wilt away, and like a daisy in spring, bloom again. Today she tells us about one of the more (okay, maybe only) debonnaire areas in floristry, the button hole, or boutonniere, for the on-trend groom.  We have recently seen a return in the popularity of the traditional ‘boutonniere’ it is the perfect opportunity for the groom to introduce a little…

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Designer Blooms

3rd August 2014

The stunning images above and below are portraits by Andrea Sproxton Photography of the bouquets designed for an Elizabeth De Varga shoot by Sunshine Coast wedding floral designer, Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio. They are nothing short of swoon-worthy.  The Dream Team Photographer: Andrea Sproxton Photography Flowers: Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio High Tea: Chocolate 2 Chilli Fashion: Elizabeth De Varga / Locations: Maleny Manor and The Beauty Academy, Brisbane / Hair and Makeup: La Bella Brides You can see more from Andrea Sproxton, Ginger Lily & Rose, and Chocolate 2 Chilli in the latest volume of The Bride’s Tree Magazine, free to view and download.     

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The Life of a Fabulous Florist

9th July 2014

The Sunshine Coast wedding industry revolves around an event in peoples’ lives that is a longtime dream, then a beautiful crescendo of a reality for but a single day, then a memory that lasts a lifetime. As business owners in this industry, we feel incredibly fortunate to be inspired by what we do every single day, working alongside professionals that never cease to amaze us. We are faced with the most inspiring people we call our colleagues, who are making dreams into reality daily, and I have to say, they are a darn impressive bunch!  None more so than Terrianne…

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Angel in Disguise

16th March 2014

She is an angel in disguise. And he has no idea. He only knows he adores her with all his heart. And he’s going to marry her.  //// This is the theme the styled shoot we are sharing with you today, which has brought together some super talented Sunshine Coast wedding professionals. They have created a magical and pretty piece of inspiration for brides planning to have their husbands in awe of their angelic beauty on their wedding day.  The Angel was prettied up by a stellar team, which comprised of Sunshine Coast mobile wedding hair stylist, Liz, from The Guillotine…

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Weekly Round Up

4th May 2013

Sometimes it just amazes me how much beauty I am exposed to day in and day out. I'd love to say this is because the reflection looking back at me is amazing, but as I have a young child and I work from home… let's just say some days the hair situation is a sight to behold! No of course, it's the beauty that comes my way each and every day in the form of inspiring weddings on the Sunshine Coast, and all of the work being done by Sunshine Coast wedding professionals.  Take for example a few of our…

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