Pinboard Love: Lu Lu Letterpress

6th April 2016

Letterpress printing is a luxe labour of love all but lost to digital printing. This local Sunshine Coast stationery designer is making it her mission to bring it back.

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Monogrammed Minimalist Wedding Stationery Suite

20th July 2015

Sometimes it’s nice to dress it down. A clean and minimal wedding invitation design with a stand out monogram adds a touch of prettiness and takes simplicity to next level classy.  Wedding stationery designers The Wondery used gorgeous linen textured card stock and gold foil stamping on this stunning invitation set. Custom designed for Anna and Grant’s wedding. 

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Just in case you missed it…

16th March 2013

We don’t want you to miss a thing, here on The Bride’s Tree, especially when there is so much amazing inspiration we have gathered from all of the best Sunshine Coast wedding professionals. How one group of people create such beauty each and every week, never ceases to amaze us! So all of their pretty published on our blog is here just in case you missed it… Our week was kicked off with a beautiful intimate wedding on an exclusive luxury estate in Montville.  Then we told you exactly what to pack for your island resort honeymoon.  We all drooled over…

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Fabric-inspired Rustic Country Wedding

15th October 2012

The gorgeous and talented Michelle from Stand Tall Design says she can make a wedding invitation based around any fabric whatsoever. You know what? We believe her! We have featured some of her fabric-inspired wedding stationery designs before, and now this range is completely different, but equally as special!  Funky floral fabric with blue and teal, and a hint of yellow is transformed into amazing wedding stationery for a rustic country Sunshine Coast wedding with Michelle’s incredible design talent. We are seriously in awe!  The charming wedding stationery is shown off to perfection with complementary styling by Michelle using florals…

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Who to Invite To Your Wedding

10th September 2012

It is so easy to start what you believe to be a conservative list and find it adds up to 200 people. Collectively, you and your partner probably know a stack of people! And then there are your parents' friends, relatives that expect an invitation, assumptive co-workers… It can all get quite out of hand! Here are some handy tips to get your guest list under control: 1.    Sit down with your partner and make a list of everyone you can think of that may warrant an invitation. Ask your parents for their lists of must-haves, too. Especially if they are…

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Fabric-inspired Wedding Invites

30th July 2012

Ooh, what a splendid idea – fabric wedding invitations! The very clever Michelle of Stand Tall Design has put together this amazing wedding stationery, all based around a piece of fabric she had in the back of her cupboard. Not at all a sewer, Michelle took to the machine like a fish to water (okay, she actually admits it was a bit trickier than this, but got there in the end!), and the end result is this stunning stationery range, including the matching bomboniere jam jar label and fabric lid cover. Cute! Michelle says she can create a stationery range…

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Wow Wedding Stationery

4th July 2012

Why wait until your Sunshine Coast wedding day to start wowing your guests? You can capture them from first glance when they get their mitts on your wow wedding stationery. We really love anything paper at The Bride's Tree, and particularly love a beautifully designed wedding invitation on card or paper you just want to run your fingers over. You know when you get an invitation like that and you really just want to keep touching it, but you also don't want to, incase you wreck it? And then if someone else wants to touch it, all of a sudden it's…

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Beautiful Custom-designed Nautical Wedding Invitations

18th April 2012

Once again I have fallen in love with one of Kerrie-Anne Designs' incredible wedding invitation suites. It's really not hard to do! This one is inspired by the 100 year old ship the couple were being married on in Sydney Harbour. Ithe stationery is beautifully designed with an elegant nautical theme in mind. Kerrie-Anne is so thoughtfully creative. The groom had written a poem for his betrothed, which was to be used in the stationery. Of course, Kerrie-Anne could have simply had it printed on a page. But alas no, instead she had a stamp made and stamped the poem on…

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Stationery Inspiration : A French Country Wedding

9th April 2012

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, I love more than beautiful stationery. There is just something about the crisp edges of printed paper, and the way the ink dries so precisely… Seriously, stationery of any kind (total Office Works nerd here!) really excites me, but none more than this absolutely beautifully designed collection from Stand Tall Design.  Sunshine Coast graphic designer, Michelle Weller, has created this French Country wedding stationery range, incorporating gorgeous typography, textured paper and 3D elements. Having professionally designed, personalised wedding stationery adds a lot of class to your special day, and your guests will really appreciate the…

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