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5 ways to honour your children at your wedding

17th July 2015

Children are so excited about any upcoming event, and a wedding to a small child is just about the biggest deal there is! Especially when it involves one or both of their parents. It feels like their day, too, which is just beautiful. Of coure we all know you could have them in your wedding party and photos, but here are some other simple ways to honour your little people on your wedding day and make them feel included.  1. Let them get ready with you If you have a boy, send him off with the groom for their day…

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Wedding Budget Tracker

26th June 2015

Lovely brides, I have a little project for you to commence over the weekend. If you have not yet given some attention to your wedding day budget, it’s time to pull your pretty little head out of the sand and face this head on.  We have made the task a little less daunting by providing you with a printable budget tracker. You can put in the amounts you have already committed to, and fill in the gaps according to what you have to spend. When each expense is in front of you and accounted for – from the makeup artist…

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Wedding Planning Checklist

16th June 2015

From announcing your engagement to putting down your deposits to sending out your thank you notes after the big day, our wedding checklist has considered every little detail. So you don’t have to! This can only lead to a carefree Sunshine Coast wedding day.  When every task is accounted for, all you need to do is check them off as you successfully navigate the planning of your Sunshine Coast wedding.  All of our planning tools are free for you to download and print. You can make a whole scrapbook of these babies and your wedding planning becomes an absolute breeze. …

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Everything You Haven’t Thought of Yet for Your Wedding Ceremony

31st March 2015

Today’s guest blogger, Noosa celebrant, Patricia Quinn, has been around enough wedding ceremonies in her time to possess some absolute gems of advice for brides-to-be. When it comes to handy little hints that could save you worry at your wedding ceremony, Patricia has thought of everything for you.  Sun + Wind If outdoors, check ceremony venue at a similar time of day for angle of the sun. Look at alternative options in case the weather is windy. Veils If you’re wearing a veil over your face, then your escort can lift it back before shaking the groom’s hand and kissing…

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How to Write Your Wedding Vows

5th March 2015

Firstly, don’t think of this as a daunting task, but rather an extremely rare and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell your beloved why you love him/her, what makes them the most special person in the world to you, and share that with all of your family and friends without them rolling their eyes and telling you to get a room. Of course there are some technicalities to take into account. Firstly, you need to check with your wedding officiant to find out if there are any key words or phrases you must keep in your vows. Some officiants will have some…

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Choosing your wedding DJ

26th February 2015

Your wedding venue is important, sure. Your choice of wedding dress is extremely important, of course. The photographer in charge of capturing all of your everlasting memories absolutely must be chosen with the utmost care. However… it gets to the point in the night where all that matter is the music.  Making your choice of musical entertainment is important, because ultimately the fun that everyone has in the evening when they’re kicking up their heels will be one of the most memorable parts of the whole wedding.  So we have a handy little printable planning tool to help you choose…

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33 signs to help your guests navigate your wedding

4th February 2015

One thing I find super helpful at a wedding is signage. When you arrive at a wedding as a guest, you feel a bit like you surrendered your life and personal preferences into the hands of the people who planned the affair. You’re prepared to follow any which instruction that is given, so if it’s on a sign, knowing where to go and when is made a whole lot easier. Wedding signage can tell you where to sit, where to put things, what they are (food or drink), what’s happening next; or they can give you a feeling. Let’s take…

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